The inspiration for Generation 1.0 came from the results of Seen and Not Heard: Voices of Young British Muslims (2009), a report that sought to gauge the voices of young British Muslims throughout Great Britain on topics such as identity, citizenship and inter-generational relationships.

The idea was for people to speak in their own words in their own homes so that we can hear of their experiences through their own memories, speaking directly to us.

We hope this serves as a resource for education and for raising awareness wherever there is a need / desire to engage with this important part of our history.

The Team

This project would not have been possible without the generosity of the individuals, who took part in this research and their families, who gave their time, resources and of course their stories for us to enjoy. Thank you to each of them, may their memories serve as a valuable resource.

The Policy Research Centre

The Policy Research Centre specialises in research, policy advice and training on British Muslim related issues. The centre brings together policy, academic and community expertise to inform and help shape current policy thinking. We work with civil society, Muslim communities and government, serving as a hub of communication on policy matters and to foster good community relations.

We seek to:

  • Enhance the policy responses to some of the critical issues being debated today around identity, citizenship and security.
  • Raise awareness of social policy concerns impacting upon the lives of Muslim citizens.
  • Inform communities about policy debates and the policy making process.